Overall Dimensions (H x W x D) 56" x 24" x 44.75"
Shipping Weight (approx.) 1,055 lbs.
BTU Capacity* (approx.) 140,000 BTU
Heating Area* (approx.) 1,500 - 2,500 Sq Ft
Water Capacity (approx.) 43 gallons
Water Jacket (Sides, Top, Front & Back) 1/4" A36 Steel Plate
Burn Chamber Dimensions (H x W x D) 30" x 17" x 30"
Burn Chamber Volume 8.5 cu. ft.
Log Length 26"
Sliding Smoke Baffle Standard
Cast Iron Fuel-Loading Door Size (H x W) 15.5" x 13.5"
Cast Iron Ash Removal Door Size (H x W) 7.25" x 11.5"
Removable Ash Pan Standard
Flue Size** 8"
Flue Collar Height** (to vent) 55.5"
Leg Height 4"
Insulated Cabinet Standard
Pre-wired Components Standard
Draft Controls Forced (60CFM)
Wall Thermostat Standard
Cast Iron Stationary Grates Standard
Cast Iron Shaker Grates Optional
Cast Iron Hearth Plates (Front & Rear) Standard
Domestic Hot Water Coil, 4" Optional
Warranty*** 6-Year Limited
Complies with Test Standards N/A


*The heating capacity specifications are provided as guidelines only and in no way guarantee the output or capacity of the units. The actual BTU output depends on the type of fuel being burned and its condition, the thermostat setting, the draft adjustments and the chimney into which the unit is installed.

**All units require installation into a lined masonry chimney or a listed 8″ UL-103 Type HT factory-built chimney. Do not connect this appliance to a chimney flue serving any other appliance. It is the consumer’s responsibility to make certain that both the appliance and installation are acceptable to their insurance company, as well as ensuring compliance with all local, state and national codes and regulations.

***Quality backed with a six (6) year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Castings, electrical, gauges, relief valves and coils are backed by their manufacturers’ warranties for one (1) year from the installation date. Firebrick and gaskets are not warranted. A copy of the ENERGY KING warranty is available in every ENERGY KING Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual.