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About ENERGY KING wood and coal furnaces

For 35 years, ENERGY KING heating appliances have provided homeowners with energy independence by offering high-quality, long-lasting home heating options, including wood furnaces and coal furnaces for central heating; and wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and zero clearance fireplaces for supplemental or zone heating.

In response to the energy crisis of the 1970's, Bob Meurer founded Chippewa Welding in 1975 and began building the ENERGY KING brand with just a few wood stove models. By taking advantage of a renewable fuel source which is inexpensive and locally produced, Bob saw that he could save homeowners money by offering them a product that would change the way they heat their homes.

40 years later, the tradition continues after merging with a long time friend and fellow manufacturer, Ark Alloy, LLC of Reedsburg, WI. Ark Alloy is the manufacturer of all Royall brand products. The ENERGY KING product line has expanded over the years to include wood stoves, wood furnaces, coal furnaces, and wood burning fireplace inserts and zero clearance fireplaces. We've also introduced one of the most efficient and well-built wood furnaces available today, the ENERGY KING 385EK wood furnace.


325 S Park Street
Reedsburg, WI 53959

Phone (608) 768-8508
Fax (608) 768-8433
  Indoor Wood Furnaces and Coal Furnaces

365EK (1,500 square feet)
385EK (2,000 square feet)
480EK (2,500 square feet)
  Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces

Silhouette 2800
Silhouette 2850C
  Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Bay 2000C and 2012C
  Freestanding Wood Stoves

Bay 2000C and 2012C
  Custom Fire Rings

36" Custom Fire Rings

Reliable solid-fuel heating for over 35 years!

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