For 35 years, ENERGY KING wood stoves have provided homeowners with energy independence through high-quality, long-lasting home heating options. In our 35 years, we've been asked many questions and have selected some of the most frequently asked questions to respond to here. Hopefully this information will help you to determine which ENERGY KING heating appliance is right for you and your family.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us.

How much maintenance will an ENERGY KING wood stove require?

With proper maintenance, your ENERGY KING wood stove, wood/coal furnace, wood/coal boiler, or wood burning fireplace can provide a lifetime of durable, reliable performance and easy operation. To maintain your appliance's performance, your regular maintenance schedule should include:

Please see the applicable ENERGY KING owner's manual for detailed maintenance instructions.

Is it important to season wood before burning it?

Wood should be seasoned (dried) for at least 12 months before burning. Properly seasoned wood should have about 20% - 25% moisture content. To properly season wood, split the logs as soon as possible and loosely stack them in a dry spot for at least 12 months. You should never burn wet or green wood. Burning wet or green wood in your ENERGY KING wood stove, wood furnace, wood boiler, or wood fireplace will not only reduce the efficiency of your appliance, but also increases the risk of dangerous creosote build-up in your appliance and chimney.

Detailed fuel requirements can be found in the applicable ENERGY KING owner's manual.

What kind of coal can I burn in my ENERGY KING furnace or boiler?

ENERGY KING coal furnaces and coal boilers are designed to burn either hard (anthracite) or soft (bituminous) coal, of nut-size or larger. We generally recommend choosing anthracite over bituminous coal because bituminous tends to contain more sulfur and impurities and can decrease the expected lifespan of your ENERGY KING coal furnace or coal boiler and its components. When choosing to burn bituminous coal, always select high-quality bituminous coal.

Detailed fuel requirements can be found in the applicable ENERGY KING owner's manual.

Is there anything I shouldn't burn?

DO NOT BURN: Treated wood, colored paper, garbage, cardboard, solvents, or trash—burning these may result in toxic fumes, ruin the catalytic converter (found in some ENERGY KING wood stoves and wood fireplaces), or produce soot and large flakes of char or fly ash. Burning treated wood, colored paper, garbage, cardboard, solvents or trash can be dangerous and will void your ENERGY KING warranty.

Detailed fuel requirements can be found in the applicable ENERGY KING owner's manual.

Where can I see or buy one of your heating appliances in my area? Can I buy factory direct?

We have an extensive ENERGY KING dealer network throughout the United States, many of which have working display models. To obtain the name of a dealer in your area, please feel free to visit ENERGY KING Dealer Locator, or you can contact us directly to get the name and contact information for dealers in your area.

We offer factory direct sales only in areas without dealer coverage.

What about installation?

We have an extensive dealer network, many of which offer installation services. Please feel free to visit the ENERGY KING Dealer Locator, or contact us to locate a dealer in your area. Additionally, we are here to answer any questions you may have. If you have any installation questions, please do not proceed with the installation of any ENERGY KING appliance without first consulting us or a certified installation professional.

I live outside the United States – can I purchase an ENERGY KING wood stove?

Currently, ENERGY KING heating appliances have not been tested for sale outside of the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

Do you provide a warranty?

All ENERGY KING heating appliances come with a warranty which is fully detailed in the applicable owner's manual.

Where can I get replacement parts for ENERGY KING heating appliances?

We have manufactured many different ENERGY KING wood stoves, wood furnaces, wood boilers, and wood fireplaces over the past 35 years. We make every effort to provide replacement parts for all ENERGY KING heating appliances, old and new, and many of the parts we currently use are compatible with older ENERGY KING appliances. We also carry parts compatible with Frank's Furnaces and Northwoods Heaters.

Definition of Terms:

Anthracite: Also known as Hard Coal, anthracite is a hard, lustrous coal with a high carbon content that burns with a clean blue, nearly smokeless, flame.

Bituminous: Also known as Soft Coal, bituminous coal is a soft type of coal that has a high sulfur content and burns with a yellow, smoky flame.

Boiler: A boiler such as the ENERGY KING 35EK-D/45EK-D is a whole-home heater which uses a pressure vessel and a system of pipes to distribute heated water throughout the home.

BTU: BTU stands for British thermal unit and represents the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water, one degree Fahrenheit. A 100-watt light bulb would produce 341 BTUs of heat energy.

Catalytic Combustor (Catalyst): A catalytic combustor (catalyst) is an element which, when properly used in a wood burning appliance, will "burn" the smoke, carbon monoxide and particulates which are not burned by the fire. The added heat extracted by the catalytic combustors results in extra heat for your home rather than pollution in the environment.

Fireplace Insert: A wood-burning fireplace insert, such as the ENERGY KING Bay 2000C, is a firebox that is designed to be inserted into a masonry fireplace to increase the fireplace's efficiency and performance.

Furnace: A furnace, such as the ENERGY KING 365EK/385EK/480EK, is a whole-home heater which uses a system of ducts to distribute heated air throughout the home.

Woodstove: A wood stove, such as the ENERGY KING Bay 2000C and 2012C, are freestanding wood-burning appliances, usually with a glass door, that is designed to be used as a room-heater, or as a "zone heater" for heating several adjoining rooms. Wood stoves are not generally appropriate for whole-home heating except in small homes or warm climates.

Zero-Clearance Fireplace: A zero-clearance fireplace, such as the ENERGY KING Silhouette 2800 & 2850C wood fireplace, has an insulated metal jacket around the inner firebox that enables the unit to be placed right up against interior or exterior walls with "0" inches between the fireplace and combustibles.